Beauty Is Typically Written About as a Physical Trait, but How About Beauty as an Emotion?

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Have you ever looked at yourself in the mirror, while in your most unappealing physical state ( make up gone wild...) , and still genuinely felt beautiful despite it all? Your physical appearance ,or anything associated to the words "physical" and "appearance" for that matter, can not be held accountable for making you feel this way either. The beauty you now know is incompatible to the one you knew prior to this moment. Really, the only common ground held between the two is the actual word itself ( ...unless you also count the fact that both come fully equipped with entirely different definitions... ). And that's because the beauty you now know, is one that can only come from deep inside your soul.

Emotions are easily understood as the complex set of feelings that individuals are susceptible to experience, at any given point in time, through out their lives. If it is possible for a person to have the feeling that they are beautiful, -and if a feeling is considered an emotion, and an emotion is considered a feeling- then it also may be safe to conclude: that Human Beings possess emotional capabilities enabling them to experience beauty as an emotion.


I spent the better part of two years of my life dating the same person. After that long, not only have you fallen accustom to having that certain someone around, but your family and friends have as well. You, and every one around you, has began to identify the two of you as one single being...rather than the two separate identities that you really are. Some people may be fine with that fact, but always in the back of my mind, was the knowledge that I was certainly not one of those people. And I continued falling further and further into what began to feel more like a trap, than a blessing, of routine. The fact that my relationship seemed to make the ones I love so happy, was reason enough for me to endure it as an every day part of my life. Well, when you are having to merely 'endure' the presence of your significant other...a part of you inside begins to die more and more with each day. And as it begins to die, you also begin to despise what you see in the mirror, more and more with each day. When you are lying to those closest to you, much less to yourself, then it is safe to say that you secretly feel anything BUT beautiful about yourself. You feel quite ugly, because the brutal truth is, that what you are doing is not right.

When I fell helplessly in love, with someone other than my boyfriend at the time, I knew it was time to face the truth. I listened to my heart for once, broke up with my boyfriend for the person I love, and am now in the healthiest relationship of my life. Now that I am being more honest to myself, and those around me, I feel much better about myself.

The truth hurts. But the saying "the truth will set you free", is well...also very true. When we feel beautiful, it's usually because we are doing what we consider to be right in our lives. Basically, making decisions that are morally correct. Although it is tempting to choose the easy road in life, sometimes sucking it up and embarking on the difficult path has much greater benefits.

( Ready for more on the quest for internal beauty?... Keep your eyes out for next month's "Beauty As An emotion: Part II"... )

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