Can you avoid some diseases by avoiding stress and stressful situations?

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What do you think is the common denominator between all the existing diseases or all the diseases that you know? Stress.

     When you read all the contributing factors or risk factors of each disease, most probably you will find stress on the list. Thousands of years before, people believed that stress alone causes sickness. That is why there have been numerous studies about the relationship between stress and chronic diseases conducted by doctors, researchers and scientists. From the studies they have conducted, they have found a relationship between the human brain and one’s immune system. They have also found out that avoiding stress and stressful situations can lessen a person’s risk of having chronic diseases.

The link between the brain and the immune system

     Whenever you acquire an infection, inflammation, burn or any type of injury the immune system of your body is triggered and is signalled by the brain to respond. The immune system is said to be the “soldiers” of the human body because they serve as the defense for one’s body and are responsible in fighting infections and prevent other illnesses to set in. The immune system produces different cells responsible for specific roles such as fighting infection, allergy, etc. and the brain is responsible for controlling the immune system.

Stress and the Brain

     The brain is responsible in controlling the different organs in the body. It is considered to be the command center because it is the one who signals the different organs to react or to function in a given situation. If there is an alteration or there is something wrong with the brain, it could affect its function. Stress affects not only affects the brain but different organs as well such as the muscles and joints, heart, stomach, pancreas, intestines and even the reproductive system.

Stress and your Immune System

     Since the brain is the control center, it is responsible in communicating with the different organ systems in the body as well as the immune system. If a person is chronically stressed ( always stressed or has been experiencing stress most of the time for more than six months), the brain senses it, thus, it continuously produces stress hormones. And if you are in a lot of stress, in the long run it could weaken your immune system. If you have a weak immune system, your body can no longer fight infection and other diseases effectively making you more prone in developing diseases.

Avoiding Stress

     Although one cannot totally avoid stress, one should learn how to control his or her stress level. A little stress would be okay because it triggers you to function well and it drives you to perform well, but too much stress or stressing too much over something would no longer be good for you. Stress also affects the person’s physical appearance. You can tell if a person is under a lot of stress, right? So, avoiding stress and stressful situations isn’t merely for “soft people,” but it is indeed necessary. Learn to relax after a long day’s work. It would not hurt if you take some time off and enjoy life or spend quality time with your family or any activity that would take your mind off of all the “stresses”. Have some time for yourself and stay healthy.

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