How can I be healthy and fit?

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Do you want to learn how to be healthy and fit? Most people say that they do. However, those same people fail to take personal responsibility for being healthy and fit. Being healthy is more than just being free from illness. Health is both physical and spiritual. It involves a mind and body connection; both the body and the mind perform properly in a healthy person. Most of us are neither healthy nor fit. Actually, we are much sicker that we believe.

Being healthy and physically fit should be a priority. The benefits of being healthy are endless. Our quality of life depends on the quality of our health. People who suffer from diseases are unable to completely enjoy their lives. Working, taking vacations, and functioning in daily life is stressful, overwhelming, and often impossible in unhealthy people who must modify their life around their diseases and treatments.

Deep down we all know what steps to take to move us closer to being healthy and fit. We know that a healthy diet is essential. We have to make healthy food choices, and most of us are aware that organic and natural foods are generally healthy. Chemicals, pesticides, and growth hormones wreak all kinds of havoc in our bodies. They may cause minor problems such as upset stomachs and headaches, or serious illnesses such as cancer or Parkinson's disease.

The negative effects of unhealthy food choices are even greater among children. The number of children suffering from attention deficit disorder and autism continues to rise. Additionally, our children are not physically fit - childhood obesity is at an all time high. Common sense tells us that there are some major problems with the standard American diet, which consists of many foods that are not fit to eat. Healthy foods are required for healthy bodies; avoid chemical laden foods if you want your body to be healthy and fit.

Likewise, we must make healthy choices in terms of the beverages we drink. Pure water is the healthiest choice. Drinking enough water is essential. Water cleanses the body and helps our internal systems perform properly. The health benefits of drinking water also include the prevention of constipation, heartburn, backaches and even cardiovascular problems. Cola and coffee are not replacements for water. Neither is fruit juice even though it contains vitamins. Drink at least eight glasses of pure water each day.

Getting a sufficient amount of exercise is equally important for maintaining a healthy and physically fit body. Why is it so difficult for us to exercise? Is it because we do not have enough time in our busy lives? Perhaps we lack energy, motivation or self-discipline. It is easier to exercise if we incorporate it into our daily routines. For example, we could take a daily walk during our lunch break. We could always take the stairs instead of using elevators. How about finding a way to enjoy household chores and using this as a means to keep our bodies physically fit? Put on some music and dance while mopping the floor. Make getting fit and being healthy an enjoyable process.

Getting enough rest is also necessary in order to be healthy and fit. When our bodies do not get an adequate amount of rest, our immune systems become weak; this is how we get sick. We need strong immune systems to stay healthy. Therefore, always take time to rest, even if this means taking a day off from work. It is much easier to maintain a healthy body than it is to repair a sick one. Value and protect your health; make being healthy and physically fit a priority.

Start your journey to be healthy and fit today. It is impossible to take care for others if you neglect your own health. Eat healthy foods, exercise to become physically fit, get enough rest and reduce stress. Read update information about effective ways be healthy and fit, and make the choice to do so.

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