how can I get relief from hayfever

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Relief from Hayfever Allergy

Your nose is runny and itchy and you have a swollen throat. Your eyes are streaming and you are sneezing helplessly. Spring has arrived and so has your sensitivity. You need some urgent relief from your misery.

Unfortunately, millions around the world share your suffering, and look for speedy treatments from the local pharmacy. However, there is an alternative natural treatment that offers long term relief and helps a growing number of people do away with their distressing, and unwelcome ailment. Have you considered acupuncture? Many people have discovered that it not only rid them of the their seasonal miseries but also improved their overall heath and vitality.

There are a number of very good reasons to try acupuncture for long term relief from hayfever allergy and the miseries that accompany it. Here are the benefits:

Acupuncture is Drug Free

There are no side effects with acupuncture as it is a completely natural process and entirely drug free. The common allergy treatments and over the counter solutions consist of antihistamine drugs and nasal steroids which are powerful medicines and can involve side effects. Many find that they have to struggle with side effects of their medication as well as suffer the unpleasant symptoms of hay fever and allergic rhinitis. Discovering acupuncture is a welcome solution for these individuals.

Acupuncture Treats the Whole Person.

Acupuncture focuses on finding the cause of the allergy and stimulates the natural healing abilities of the body. By stimulating the nervous system it promotes the release of chemicals that assist the internal regulating system. It helps strengthen resistance and regulates the antigen and antibody reactions and virtually “re-programs” the body. This is important for controlling allergic reactions and reducing sinus headaches, asthma and fatigue.

Acupuncture Offers a Feeling of Empowerment

An acupuncturist will show you how to use acupuncture points at home to further control symptoms. You can take a positive role and help enhance your treatment between sessions with the acupuncturist.You can take some control and learn some methods to help yourself without the need to resort to drugs and suffer the harsh side effects.

What to Expect with Acupuncture Treatment

Naturally each individual will have their unique plan of treatment but everyone will experience a convenient and painless process. Patients often experience relief after their first session and will notice that the itching, nasal congestion and discharge has improved. Often around six treatments are needed to provide lasting relief from sinus headaches and sneezing. Some patients will arrange for a round of treatment just before the hay fever season and others remain free from the miseries of allergic symptoms for years.

Allergy season does not need to be a continual state of watery, itchy torment. When you are not getting relief from hay fever, are frustrated with drug treatments that are leaving you drowsy and dry.and you find that it is necessary to lock yourself away indoors to hide from pollens, an alternative solution is waiting. Try acupuncture and experience the difference.

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