How to keep balance between taste and health in your cooking ?

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Every one likes tasty food and good health. Many people enjoy cooking and try to impress their relatives, partner and guests by serving them tasty dishes. We try many spices and other prescriptions to make our food more tastier. But many time we ignore the nutrients and other useful substances of our food and destroy them with wrong cooking method. We always try to make our food tasty and healthier when we cook it in our kitchen. But sometime we destroy many nutrients of our food. Too much use of spices and oils can make our food tasty but it can also effects our heart. Many studies approved that several heart problems are occurred account of our wrong cooking methods. To much boiled and fried vegetables and other cereals lose their nutrition benefits.

The wrong method of cooking can destroy nutrients and vitamins of our food. How can we preserve them and also make our dishes tasty? How can we keep balance between taste and health of heart?

Here are some tips which can solve these problem and show the correct methods of cooking

Selection of right oil in cooking is important

It is better to use more than one oil in cooking. Oils which contains unsaturated fats are best for cooking. Olive oil, rice bran oil, mustard oil and ground nut oil are best healthy options. These oils have less cholesterol so they are good for our heart. We can prevent many heart problems amd cancer if we carefully use oils and fats in our diet or food. Regular use of non-stick utensils and cooking spray, can reduce the amount of oil from our food and make our food tasty.

Cook your food in right way

Healthy effects and taste of our food are depend in our cooking style. Baking, roasting and grilling techniques are best for cooking. More fried vegetables and other materials are harmful for health. We lose many nutrients of vegetables and other cereals in this way. Cooking in low flame is good way of cooking of vegetables. Try to cook vegetables in steam. It is best way of cooking and by this we easily keep balance between taste and health.

Use healthy herbs for seasoning

Canned goods have extra amounts of salt and fats which can causes high blood pressure. If any person have problem of high blood pressure and cholesterol, it is more necessary for him to avoid them. There are many other prescriptions available to add taste and flavor in our food which are healthy for our heart. We can use juice of lemon, oregano, mint, roasted cumin seeds, tomato, onion, fat free or low fat sauce, salads and dressing to making our food tasty and keep our heart healthy.

Do not roast garlic at high heat

Many research prove that garlic is very helpful in preventing and curing of many heart problems and cancers.It has many elements which can reduce the chances of cancer and lower the risks of heart attacks. But many time we lose its benefits because we to much roast and fry it during the cooking. So avoid it to roast and fry the garlic in high flame. It is better if we cut garlic in pieces instead of using full bud in cooking.

Save the nutrients of vegetables

Roasting and boiling in high flame can destroy the treasure of nutrients of vegetables. So it is best to cook the vegetables in steam. Green leafy vegetables like spinach can be cooked in steam in only five minutes. Small slices of vegetables can be cooked in ten minutes and vegetables like potato and carrot can be cooked in twenty minutes in steam.

Add Omega 3 Fatty Acids in diet

Omega 3 fatty acids prevent the creation of blocks in arteries of heart. It is very necessary element of our food and it has many other healthy benefits too. So we can make our heart healthy and safe by adding it in our diet. Salmon fish is great source of omega 3 fatty acids. Walnut, soybean products and linseed are other vegetarian products which are full of omega 3 fatty acids.

Do not forget Milk

Milk is most important and necessary beverage for our health. We use it in many forms like butter, cheese, curd and milk powder. For better health of our heart and body use low fat milk and milk products in cooking. Toned milk can be used in preparing tea and making curd from milk.

Less amount of sodium is better for health

Only a teaspoon of salt provides required sodium for body. If we add extra salt or sodium in our diet it can causes harmful effects to our body. Processed and ready to eat food products have more amount of sodium.

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