Is there anyway to lose weight without dieting?

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American’s obsession with weight loss has created a multi-billion dollar industry. Popular reality TV shows like the “Biggest Loser” and even “The Dr. Oz Show” have reaped a harvest of millions in dollars as well as viewer ships by advocating weight loss as opposed to healthy living.

As if that wasn’t enough, the print media further exploits commercialization of obesity, a serious worldwide health epidemic. One has only to walk up and down the aisles of any large retail bookstore and witness for themselves the nearly exhaustive collected works on how to lose weight without dieting.

Yet very few of these so-called “health” books have anything to offer by way of healthy living. Why? Because healthy living requires something more than hedging bets on a weight scale. Healthy living is about embracing lifestyle choices that strengthen and empower the mind, body and spirit of the individual.

Counting calories, special celebrity diets, liquid nutritional formulas, or purchasing the latest ab roller might make the GNC and QVC wealthier, but neither can produce sustainable results relative to overall health.

Is it Possible to Lose Weight without Dieting?

There is no mystery to losing weight. For even grade school children know that if they eat less sugary and starchy foods that they can prevent themselves from gaining weight. The only way to lose permanently lose weight is through healthier choices, i.e., exercise and better nutrition.

The human body in all of its glorious complexity is really quite simple when it comes to maintenance. Thankfully most of the harder functions of the human body like temperature control, heart rate and breathing are involuntary. Which means, we are required to do anything in order for them to function properly.

However, our muscles are different. Muscles require work. In order to do that work, they require fuel, which they convert to energy for movement - and much like our cars, the cleaner the fuel, the better the performance. When we don’t give our muscles the proper fuel a number of things happen chemically within the muscle itself.

Ultimately, we have less energy. Less energy leads to less movement, and less movement disrupts proper fat metabolism. Which means our bodies will now have the penchant to store more fat than it will burn for energy. Why? Because the body stores energy in the form of calories, and if those calories are not used, the body will store the “unused calories” as fat.

Thus, a more practical approach to losing weight is first through education, and finally through the application of what is learned. If the overriding goal is only to lose weight, then other aspects of healthy living such as mental and spiritual health, even financial health, which provides emotional and psychological benefits by reducing external stress factors such as anxiety over money, will continue to be overlooked though all are part of a healthy lifestyle. There are many reasons why health professionals do not advocate this broader-based definition of health. Still, it’s mostly because weight loss, which appeals to our egos rather than our intellect, continues to be a highly profitable industry.

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