What are the benefits of probiotics?

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Benefits of probiotics

Probiotics are known to be friendly microbes to man. They serve to enhance better health among living organisms. It is advisable to at least take probiotics once a day since they are easily available. The most common form of these probiotics is the fermented milk. It does not take long to ferment milk. Similarly it is not a complex process.

In most instances the importance of the probiotics is health wise. Since they are foods or supplements, we are bound to eat them. It is normal that anything that enters the body should be beneficial to the cells of the body. Remember, these are living organism. Being living microorganism, they need to feed within the body. These microorganisms are mostly found living within the gut or the urinogenital system. In these systems they serve vital roles.

The vagina is quite a delicate organ. This is one of the self-cleaning organs found in humans. It is full of bacteria and fungi which live like commensals. When the population of the bacteria raises more that of fungi, bacterial vaginitis is bound to occur. Similarly, if the yeast fungus population increases, candidiasis is bound to occur. Under such conditions the individual is sick, and needs to seek medical attention. The best way is to return the normal vaginal micro flora. Here in tis advisable to add some bacteria in to your vagina. These bacteria are the probiotics. Sometimes, some women usually add yoghurt to the vagina.\

The second benefits of probiotics is that, the lactic acid bacteria have shown effect of inhibiting the E. coli bacteria, which When in large numbers in the large intestines, it known to cause diarrhea. The presence of probiotics in the colon, which is the habitat for this bacterium will pose inhibitory effect on the e coli. Thus, its growth is greatly suppressed. In this way the disease in inhibited.

Thirdly, these probiotic have been used to preserve food, especially dairy products. When milk is fermented, lactic acid bacteria colonize such foods. These bacteria prevent the growth of any other bacteria in that food substance. In this way the food is able to live a longer period of time. This is not limited to dairy products but many other foods have been preserved by this method, for example, vegetables, fish and, silage for animals.

When found it gastrointestinal tract, they pose a great health promoting effect. The most common is the lactobacilli species. A small portion of this species is natural found within the gastro intestinal tract where it confers most of health benefits. Majority of these bacteria are added to the gut through the process of ingestion. They are mostly found in the fermented foods (yoghurt, cheese and vegetable), which are taken as foods.

These bacteria occupy different niches within the stomach depending on their level of survival. Some lactic acid bacteria will occupy the stomach, where the feed on the food. Some will still stay in the small intestine where they will feed on the already digested food. Still, some will leave in the colon, where there deposits of the undigested foods such as the proteins, carbohydrates. Whenever they are, these bacteria confer health benefits in various ways. Research has shown that, the probiotics are able to stimulate several aspects of the natural immune and acquired immune system as well as regulate it. This directly translates that certain diseases can be controlled. Naturally the mouth contains some lactobacilli bacteria, which when swallowed they enter the gut.

The gastrointestinal bacteria, as a probiotic can be used to suppress an inappropriate immune response. Inappropriate immune responses are causes of various common diseases among human beings. This effect is good in treatment of the of the inflammatory bowel disease. Other probiotics have been found to be tolerance of the immune system.

Since these bacteria activate the immune system, we can therefore; say that the probiotics are might be more effective in the treatment or prevention of infections that cause diarrhea. Novel antigenic complexes are experienced in early life due to the effects of these bacteria. Therefore, this prevents atopic illness.

During the process of digestion in the gut, some food substances when broken down give out dangerous compound in the body. These compounds may cause cramping for example. Lactic acid bacteria, alleviates this effect.

Skin conditions such as canker sores, eczema and acne have been known to be treated by the lactobacillus bacteria. High cholesterol, lactose intolerance, lymes disease.

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