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Scientists are continuing to unravel the cause of aging skin. So what do they think you need to know about the cause of aging skin? First and foremost, the cause of aging skin may either be internal (intrinsic) or external (extrinsic). While the intrinsic cause of aging skin arises out of factors relating to our genetic make-up, every extrinsic cause of aging skin has to do with our environment.

Scientists believe that our bodies start aging naturally when we are in our mid-twenties. At this age, elastin and collagen production decreases. As a result, dead skin cell-shedding slows down; new skin cells are also formed at a much slower pace. Some signs of this type of cause of aging skin include: hair loss; dry itchy skin; thin and opaque skin; sagging skin arising out of bone shrinkage; and loss of elasticity in the neck and hands - arising out of loss of underlying fat, among others. Sadly, there isn't much we can do about the intrinsic cause of aging skin.

Almost each external cause of aging skin has something to do with the way in which we live our lives. Following this, almost every extrinsic cause of aging skin can be either controlled or avoided. Cigarette smoking is one cause of aging skin. Be it passive or active smoking, the reality is that the smoke from cigarettes damages, and is a cause of aging skin. Scientific research has revealed that the more one is exposed to cigarette smoke, the more their skin dries and wrinkles; this is largely because cigarette smoking leads to the depletion of Vitamin C from your body. Vitamin C plays a crucial role in keeping the skin moist and plump. So, beware! Be on the lookout against this avoidable cause of aging skin.

Another controllable cause of aging skin is sun exposure. UV light from the sun's rays produce free radicals on the skin; this leads to the damage of skin tissue and its components, paving way for the formation of wrinkles. The more you expose your skin to the sun, the more mottled it becomes in appearance. Freckles become brown spots; following this, skin dries up becoming leathery in appearance, leading to an increase in wrinkles and sagging. Sun exposure also increases the probability of developing the cancer of the skin. Luckily, this cause of aging skin can be avoided and controlled - by regular sunscreen usage.

One other very obvious thing is that lack of exercise is a cause of aging skin. Exercise plays a crucial role in toning muscles and improving blood flow. It therefore ought to be incorporated into every programme aimed at combating aging skin. If you are really committed to preserving your skin's health, this cause of aging skin should not be a big problem for you.

Alcohol users, beware! Alcohol consumption is a cause of aging skin. Alcohol widens blood vessels and increases the flow of blood close to the surface of the skin. These vessels - over time - are permanently damaged, leaving you looking flushed. Thus, alcohol makes its contribution as a cause of aging skin.

And sleep lack is the other cause of aging skin. If you don't get enough sleep, you'll definitely feel and look tired. Sleep lack is notorious for manifesting itself on the face - sagging skin accompanied by circles (blackish) under the eyes. To combat this cause of aging skin, ensure that you sleep for about eight hours every night, if and when you can.

Another closely related cause of aging skin is stress. Often, when one is stressed and worried, they frown. Over time, the facial muscles develop along the lines of such movement! This leads to aging skin. It is advisable to always check on your levels of stress and try as much as possible to ensure that there is a variation when it comes to your daily facial expressions. To combat this cause of aging skin, try out Yoga. You can also choose other techniques of relaxation, like meditation.

Exposing yourself to weather that is cold can be a cause of aging skin. Low temperatures and cold winds contribute to aging by drying up the skin. As a result, it is always advisable to moisturize yourself if you are going to go out in a cold environment. Experts also advise that one should use moisturizers whilst indoors too. This is because heated rooms can also dry the skin. Instead of heating up your room, you could consider employing the services of a humidifier. Now you are well informed about the cause of aging skin.

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