What are the Four Components of How to Live Healthy?

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How to live healthy requires more than simply eating lots of greens, drinking water, and going for a walk each week. While every effort toward a healthy lifestyle matters, to live a truly, well-balanced, joyful, stress-free life, it demands some purposeful choices, a few sacrifices, and 4 areas of equal focus.

Focus on Physical Well-Being

Your physical well-being often reflects what’s happening on the inside. If you are morbidly obese or so skinny that others ask if you are anorexic, your exterior challenges and struggles are mirroring your inner challenges and struggles. With a healthy body, you are physically free to live your life as you always imagined. You can choose stairways over elevators, purchase just one seat on airplane, tend to your daily hygienic needs without assistance, and never have to worry about refusing an invitation because you have nothing that fits. Being physically healthy enables you to be independent and able to help others – whether that means holding small children or assisting the senior citizens in your life.

Focus on Intellectual Well-Being

As you know, it often doesn’t matter how beautiful someone may physically appear on the outside, if they are not able to hold a conversation about something of substance, eventually that initial attraction wears off. Being intellectually well-rounded and having common sense enables you to think for yourself, make decisions in your life based on your experiences and knowledge, and contribute to making the world a better place.

Focus on Emotional Well-Being

Having all the “questions” right on Jeopardy and being able to lift hundreds of pounds won’t take you very far down the path of joy if you are emotionally immature. Individuals that are insecure and lack confidence tend to be needy and overwhelming for others. Being emotionally well means you can handle a loss (of a job, a loved one, or a partner) without immediately turning to drugs or alcohol to numb the pain. Emotionally stable people think of others first; they are able to focus on the needs of others in the world without going through life angry, bitter, and feeling like the world owes them something.

Focus on Spiritual Well-Being

It doesn’t matter whether you choose to worship the sky, God, the earth, or the sun – as long as you realize that there does exist a greater force out there in the universe than yourself – you will be more well-rounded, well-balanced, and joyful on your healthy journey. If your life is simply consumed with only you and your power and the material things that you can acquire, you will miss out on the beauty of a caterpillar becoming a butterfly, you won’t hear the laughter of children, and you won’t find joy in rubbing a dog’s belly. Being spiritually healthy means you acknowledge that you don’t have all the answers in life and that often by being centered, quiet, and meditative, the ideas, solutions, and answers flow.

How to live healthy requires being physically, intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually balanced.

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