What are the popular dry scalp treatments?

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Dry Scalp Treatment:

Whenever the shoulders have embarrassing white flakes, dry scalp as well as dry hair is blamed. You need to do a little research in finding you the best suitable dry scalp treatment that accordingly nourishes your hair along with scalp.

Embarrassing white flakes as well as dandruff can be the result of dry scalp that appear on your shoulders in addition to your hair. You may also find your head itchy, irritated and red that result into dry and dull hair.

5 Common Reasons of Dry Scalp:

Though you can get dry scalp in result of numerous reasons but we tell you 5 most common reasons that are seen in majority of such cases. These below-mentioned reasons get high rank in the list due to the increasing number of dry scalp patients that have these reasons:

-     Eczema (This reason is on top and has affected more people than other 4 reasons)

-     Deficiencies of dietary

-     Dry as well as cold weather (No need to explain the importance of this reason as it is also a big reason of dry scalp)

-     Excessive use of shampoo or frequent shampooing

-     Unnecessary use of hair products (Sometimes, there is alcohol mixed in such products that resultantly dry out the user’s hair)

7 Popular Dry Scalp Treatments:

Though numbers of treatments are there to choose one of your requirements (because every treatment differs depending on the reason of this problem) but seven of them are being highlighted in this article:

-     Conditioning Treatment: You may get dull hair and dry, flaky and itchy scalp only due to dry scalp because it is unable of producing required natural oil. Try giving necessary nourishment to dry scalp. A hot oil or deep conditioning treatment may be searched in local beauty supply or drug store in your area. Scalp should be provided deep conditioning or warm (instead of hot) oil twice a week. It may help moisturizing dry scalp.

-     Shampoo Switcheroo: Sometimes, harsh shampoos or using shampoo too often may cause dry scalp. You may go for a different shampoo as a treatment in this case. Multiple famous formulas are in the market especially prepared for dry hair. Just avoid shampooing on daily basis.

-     Scalp Massage: If white flakes are produced by dry scalp, then a gentle scalp massage can be the better option. You should use your fingertips to stimulate your scalp at the time you apply hot oil, other treatment like deep conditioning to your scalp or even shampooing your hair.

-     Vitamin B: Nutritional deficiencies also cause dry scalp because you need vitamins B6 and B12 to a certain level to avoid dry scalp. Treatment in this case can be done through taking fruits, whole-grain breads, vegetables and cereals.

-     Other Diet Issues: Wrong food selection like excessive use of sugary foods, may also lead in dry scalp and hair. So desserts should be limited. You may get dandruff even through spicy foods. You should also reduce salt as well as alcohol usage to avoid dry scalp.

-     Treatment Through Dandruff Shampoos: You may also use especially prepared dandruff shampoos as your treatment option because they help improving healthy hair and scalp.

-     Visit Dermatologist: If right remedy can not be selected, then you must visit a dermatologist to get rid of dry scalp.

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