What are simple food and nutrition changes to make for a healthy life?

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We all know that our body needs energy to get on with our daily tasks and this is obtained from the food which we consume. Right from the prenatal stage to childhood and until the further stages of our lives, it is necessary that our body is nurtured with healthy food and nutrition. Food nourishes our body and provides us with the vital energy necessary to cope with each day.

Hence, the foundation for good health lies in inculcating proper food habits. Moreover, being blessed with good health inadvertently keeps us away from several chronic diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure or cancer. It is imperative that we consume food and nutrition that has the right amount of calories needed by our body and is also nutritious.

Today's trend is that a majority of Americans consume high calorie food that lacks in nutrition. We must focus on the guidelines put forward by America's major federal agencies related to the food and nutrition department. As per the dietary guidelines upheld by the DHHS and USDA, an American adult or a child aged 2 or above needs to consume a diet that is rich in whole grains, low fat dairy products, fruits and vegetables and low in sugar, salt and saturated fats. This is the basis for a healthy life while keeping obesity and the other chronic diseases away.

The secret to achieve optimal health lies in breaking our age old food habits and approaching a new diet plan with careful planning. A mere can of your regular soda contains not less than seven to eight teaspoons of sugar. Consuming a few cans of such soda is really a thoroughfare for bad health. No doubt, it is quite difficult to overcome our bad food habits, but some counseling with a good dietician will pave the way for improving our diet and enriching our food habits.

Keeping a food diary to track your daily food intake is a good way to check whether you are consuming all the necessary food groups that bless you with good health. Inputs from your dietitian in this regard will certainly favor you especially if you are having a medical problem. This way you can cut down on those foods that you should eat less and include foods in your diet that you need to consume.

There are definitely healthier options to replace your age old hard to change bad food habits. Skipping breakfast and gorging on heavy snacks throughout midday till midnight is another sure shot way to invite a horde of chronic diseases. A thought spared on the portion size of meat that we normally eat in a day will definitely help us to limit the calories that we accrue. Even the cooking methods that you follow do play a significant role in working towards a healthier life for you.

Being flexible in your dietary habits and mixing various foods to create a balanced diet will help you to lead a disease free life. Do always remember to check the nutrition fact labels on the many foods that you buy from the store. Such easy and simple habits with respect to food and nutrition will go a long way to promote you with a healthy and enjoyable life. Eat smart and live smart.

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