What does Living an Overall Healthy Life entail?

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The popularity of shows like Intervention and The Biggest Loser have shined the spot light on the struggles of addiction and obesity. It

has caused many to take a long and critical examination of themselves and their lives. Many wonder what does living an overall healthy

life entail? Some may think that they will have to completely overhaul their life and make drastic changes. This doesn't have to be the

case. Living a healthy lifestyle does not have to be such an abstract concept.

Health is best described as a spectrum. It's not a static state. Health changes due to several factors. Individuals can come down with

a severe cold that they later recover from. People experience chronic health conditions such as diabetes or breathing disorder. This

doesn't warrant their being in a poor health state forever. Several factors contribute to one's place within the health spectrum. Stress

can have detrimental health consequences. It contributes to weight gain, problems sleeping and ulcers. Each of these problems have their

own accompanying health symptoms. The body needs sleep in order to maintain a healthy state. Lack of sleep can lead to weight gain and

affects job and school performance. You're generally too tired to concentrate and complete the tasks you need to. Invest in yourself by

getting as much sleep as possible. This helps your body repair itself and maintain a healthy balance.

Leading an overall healthy life requires comprehension and a willingness to make changes. This really means leading a balance life. It

doesn't mean you have to never have fast food. It also doesn't mean that a single slice of cheesecake spells doom for your waistline.

Make choices so that overall you're a healthy individual. Diet is the first and one of the most important areas to start with. Choose to

not overindulge. Select lean cuts of meat when you're shopping at the market. Trim any visible fat from any meat you prepare. Trimming

the fat from the meat reduces unnecessary calories. Incorporate fish and seafood into your meal plans. Fish contains omega-3 fatty acids

that enhance heart health. Include more green leafy vegetables and fruits in your meals. Visit a farmers market to take advantage of the

local produce that's in season. Having a glass of wine at a party or enjoying a beer with friends can still be part of a healthy

lifestyle. Taking these steps still allows you to go out with the family without stressing over calories. Exercise is another component

of overall health. This doesn't mean you have to devote hours weekly in the gym. It means choosing to engage in physical activities to

keep you in shape. Going for a family walk after dinner is a simple and easy way to become more active. Biking, hiking, skating and even

gardening give you a chance to enjoy the fresh air instead of being confined and sitting indoors. This allows you to spend time

socializing as well as spending time being active. Living an overall healthy lifestyle just means taking charge of your life. You don't

have to leave a meticulous life. You only need to make a conscious effort to live healthy.

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