What fast healthy meals can I make?

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Fast Healthy Meals Made Easy

Good nutrition doesn’t have to be difficult to prepare, and it doesn’t have to take hours of time. Fast healthy meals that provide healthy fuel for the body and boost energy are readily available by nature and are naturally supercharged with vitamins and nutrition. Fast food can be healthy, nutritious, and convenient for the busiest of families.

Good Nutrition Feeds the Body and the Mind

Healthy foods provide the body with “feel good” brain chemicals that fight stress and promote confidence. Studies have shown that children who eat complex carbohydrates and high quality protein have higher IQs and do better in their schoolwork. In addition, adults who practice good nutrition experience a better mood in stressful situations and report less anxiety and fewer bouts of depression.

Fast Healthy Meals that Promote Health and Wellness

Everyone knows that breakfast is the meal that makes champions. Eating for energy and health can protect the body from the effects of stress, fatigue and brain fog. Meals for maximum energy should contain a high-quality protein source for a bright mood, fruits and vegetables for high fiber and the right amount of healthy fats.

A Banana-Fruit Smoothie with Vitamin Zing

Boost your metabolism with a breakfast that provides protein, low sugar and plenty of vitamin C. Sometime after dinner, slice up some peeled bananas and strawberries, or a favorite fruit, and place them in a container in the freezer. Bananas are a great base for any smoothie and are high in potassium, complex carbohydrates, and they satisfy the taste buds.

     One Large Frozen Banana

     One Half Cup of Plain Nonfat Yogurt

     One and a Half Cups of Cold Orange Juice

     Optional: Add One Half Cup of a Favorite Fruit

     One Tablespoon of Honey

     Four Ice Cubes

Provides Two Servings of a Healthy Smoothie

Combine all the ingredients in a blender and make a delicious and nutritious smoothie for the family. Even the busiest people have time to make this quick nutritional breakfast or snack. Experiment with different fruits to make the best tasting breakfast of all.

Make a Lunch with a Punch

It’s difficult to get a lunch that is nutritious and satisfying on a hectic schedule, but it is possible to provide a meal for the entire family and provide nutritional support for a stressful and busy day. Try this quick and easy lunch for a healthy alternative to the usual fast foods.

Wrap Up a Healthy Lunch

Enfold a healthy combination of protein and vegetables in a whole wheat wrap for a fast and healthy burst of energy. High fiber increases the metabolism and assists in elimination. Spice it up or add a favorite ingredient to make it delicious.

     Black Beans

     Fresh Salsa

     Diced Red Onions

     Shredded Romaine Lettuce

     Low Fat Cheese

     Avocado Slices

     Dried Tomatoes

This perfect meal includes high fiber, complex carbs, and healthy fats for a low calorie and nutritious lunch. The whole wheat wrap can be prepared the night before or easily in the morning before work or school. Place the completed wrap in a plastic bag and the nutritious meal is ready to travel with you anywhere.

Pack a Snack with a Kick

People who experience that run down feeling in the mid-afternoon can get a quick source of fuel with a burst of vitamins and complex carbohydrates. Don’t reach for another cup of coffee, eat a snack that creates a brighter mood with natural sugars and supports an overall sense of well-being. Pack a plastic container with:

     Cold Grapes

     Apple Slices

     Almonds and Walnuts


     One Slice of Whole Wheat Bread

     Low Fat Yogurt

     A Slice of Low Fat Cheese


Healthy Fats for Vital Energy

Avoid high saturated fat and over processed foods to maintain a high energy level. Simple sugars, as in commercially packaged foods, will spike the blood sugar until it falls quickly and drains energy from the body while promoting irritability. Include healthy fats in small amounts to maintain “feel good” brain chemicals. Eat avocados, cold water fish and the occasional handful of walnuts or pecans.

Stay Well Hydrated and Rest

Drink plenty of fresh water during the day and add a fresh lemon or lime wedge for a burst of flavor. To ensure a well rested body and decrease stress, always get at least eight hours of sleep at night.

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