What is the best healthy eating strategy?

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The best healthy eating strategy is based on the principle of adding, not the principle of subtracting. Instead of taking away the foods that you love, this strategy adds better food to the diet. By adding better food, the amount of bad foods will decrease naturally. You will be eating better, without the added emotional pain of feeling deprived.

The foods selected should be anti-inflammatory foods like salmon, cruciferous vegetable and berries, but there are many anti-inflammatory foods to choose from. Pick the foods you would enjoy eating and add a few at a time to your menu. The reason that these foods are the best choice is that by reducing inflammation in your body, you will reset your hunger hormones and your appetite. The hormone which makes you hungry is called Ghrelin and the hormone that makes you feel satiated is called Lepton. By resetting these hormones with anti-inflammatory foods, you will balance your hunger and naturally lose weight.

In addition, new research indicates that eating frequently, four to six small meals a day, may not be valid anymore. By eating often, the body tends to stays immobile. Lacking a feeling of hunger causes you to not spend any calories in movement, and this in itself creates an unhealthy condition. When you eat all the time, your insulin level stays up and blocks metabolic sensors that switch on your motor system.

When animals are hungry, they have to look for food. The hunger switches on the motor system and they burn calories in the pursuit of food. Nowadays, you only have to take a few steps to the refrigerator to find food. The better way is to allow your hunger to rise, to become aware of the motor system turning on, and then do something movement oriented like walk around the block, ride on the treadmill or do yoga.

This type of healthy eating strategy is called short-term fasting, and will help decrease your weight naturally because of the increased activity that short-term fasting will inspire. A short-term fast is defined as less than six hours. Going hungry for more than six hours is not recommended, as the body will begin to use protein from the muscles.

Earning your food like our ancestors did, and like animals do, is an excellent strategy for health and weight loss. Wait until you feel hunger and do something to earn the food. Even a few minutes of exercise or movement will go a long way to balancing your metabolism. In concert with the adding principle and anti-inflammatory foods, these strategies are simple and can have a profound effect on your health.

And finally, keeping a diary or a healthy eating worksheet can help you determine your goals. You can find eating diaries on the internet, in books or you can make one yourself. Worksheets should include the type of food, amount of food and when the food was eaten. Some people may find it helpful to note any emotions or events that occurred before the eating event.

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