What is the best way to maintain a healthy heart?

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We hear this question all the time, "what is the best way to maintain a healthy heart?" Often times the information that we read varies so greatly that it can become quite confusing. One article may say one thing, another says something else and we are left scratching our heads. It is already understood by most people that regular exercise, a healthy diet and reduced stress all helps maintain a healthy heart. However, after that, what do we do? In addition, the variety of health issues and concerns that individuals may have are rarely addressed. It is one thing to be thirty and healthy, but what about the individual that is already suffering health problems? If you are one of these people, there is good news for you. You may or may not be aware that there is a new wave in the medical community taking over the traditional ways of practicing medicine. This new way of thinking and practicing is truly focused on total body wellness and early prevention. There are homeopathic and "wellness clinics" popping up all over the place across the country. The beauty of these types of practices is that they concentrate on holistic medicine therapies and techniques. This new way of practicing medicine looks at the "big picture" and is not so focused on one health issue or concern. The benefit is that because the heart is such a integral part of our overall health, it is a focal point. Most of these types of practices offer free wellness checks (by licensed physicians) to first time patients. The evaluation and the service that they provide patients far exceed the traditional services provided by any "old school" practitioner. If maintaining a healthy heart was a concern of yours, this is a fantastic place for you to go to provide yourself with a multitude of options, therapies and remedies. The true trump card is that they do not prescribe any medications - at all! This does not mean that you would be free to stop taking medications. What it means is that whatever your prescribed treatment plan is would not include the use of additional medications and may even offer you a natural alternative to what you may currently be taking. That is amazing! Most "wellness clinics" have a nutritionist/dietitians, exercise physiologists, chiropractors and even those who practice in Eastern medicines (Reflexology and Reiki). They are all there to create a taylor made plan to fit all of your medical needs, working together on an overall health plan for you or a family member. This is a great way to insure your overall health while addressing your concerns about maintaining a healthy heart. It is a fantastic service for anyone, young and old alike. The benefits of this type of philosophy will hopefully ensure the overall health for generations to come. For more information on this subject, you may find it by searching "wellness clinics." You may ask questions regarding their services, and see if they are what you are looking for. The only thing that you require is an open mind and a desire to be healthy.

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